The village of widows

Grey Films, November 8, 2021, 9:11 am

India’s foremost wildlife cameraman- director S.Nallamuthu has been filming tigers in Ranthambore for the past ten years.

Sunderbans in eastern India is riddled with the problem of man eating tigers. Villagers risk their lives to gather honey in the forest or fish for crabs on the shores – a few of them never returned. It is believed that a man going to the forest without praying to the Goddess Kali is doomed to death in the tiger infested forest. An entire village has been nicknamed the ‘Widow village’ and yet there is no solution in sight.

There are similar cases of tigers targeting humans as their prey near dense woodland where the Ganges, holiest of Indian rivers winds its way through forest. The river carries half burnt corpses from cremation pyres which the big cats consume and thus develop a taste for human flesh.

The film can explore similar cases that are currently found in the country – One such case is found in Maharashtra where a male tiger is on the run after having devoured a man. The film can pinpoint and chase such cases that are not uncommon across the country.

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