Grey Films is your single window solution in India and Asia for wildlife, factual programming and feature films. Founded in 2002 by award-winning filmmaker Subbiah Nallamuthu, the company has produced and collaborated on films with national and international channels including National Geographic Channel, Discovery, BBC, Animal Planet, Discovery, ZDF, Star, Doordarshan etc.


Grey Films is a pioneer in 4K and High Definition cinematography in India. We are passionate about our craft and about telling stories from a fresh perspective.

Through experience, innovation and creativity, Grey Films diverse range of genres. Our Services include

* Factual – Wildlife, Documentaries, Features, Shorts and Corporates

* Non- Factual – Feature Films

* We also collaborate on co-productions of non-factual and feature films.

Grey Films collaborates with Nallas Ark Foundation to connect communities and people with nature through intimate stories for creating impactful conservation messages.

Grey Films also collaborates with Natural History Unit India for creating a rich repository of stunning and diverse wildlife footage of India.

subbiah-nallamuthu subbiah-nallamuthu

Subbiah Nallamuthu

Director, Producer & Cinematographer

Nalla is a freelance cinematographer, director and producer since 1987. In a twenty year long career he’s had the opportunity to shoot feature films, documentaries, news, corporate films and TV shows. During this time Nalla has had the pleasure and privilege of working with some of the industry’s best directors and networks including the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery International among others. As an expert Hi Definition and Hi speed cinematographer he has travelled across the world and his work has received both national and international acclaim.

Nalla has dedicated the last five years of his life filming in India’s forests. His passion for the Royal Bengal Tiger has translated into two international documentaries which he has produced, filmed and directed. His first film, ‘Tiger Queen’ highlights the power struggle in a family of tigers and was broadcast on National Geographic Wild and Animal Planet. His second film ‘Tiger Dynasty’ for the BBC and Animal Planet portrays India’s first ever scientific translocation of tigers.


subbiah-nallamuthu subbiah-nallamuthu

Anvita Adeshra

Executive Producer & Business Development

Anvita started her career as Producer at the Development & Educational Communication Unit (DECU) of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Ahmadabad. She travelled across India, shooting films on social and cultural issues and was actively involved in training and awareness modules conducted by DECU. It was at ISRO that Anvita met her husband, Nalla and together they started Grey Films.

Currently Anvita is the Business Head for the company and leads Grey’s operations, research and development division. A Masters in Development Communication, Anvita is pivotal to executing Grey’s educational and cultural programming. As the Business Head of the company she channels Grey’s international promotions and networking.

subbiah-nallamuthu subbiah-nallamuthu


Varun Subbiah

Director / Cinematographer

Varun is Freelance Filmmaker, Cinematographer & Photographer based in India. He is a Direction Graduate from FTIT Chennai. He have also done a course in Cinematography from Mindscreen Film Institute, Chennai. 

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Social Recognition

Ajith Pillar

People like you are the true representatives of god and his creations, who are sent to remain us humans, that we are not the only species on this beautiful earth.

Bethann Blotzer

I like that they cremate them in India when they die so their fur isn't sold. Donna Montgomery she better watch out for those big game trophy hunters like the Palmer guy from the US…

Laurie Naiden

Saw this episode and enjoyed seeing the life of Machli. She lived a very fulfilling life. Was a great hunter, mother. She was truly the Queen of India.

Jeanette Stewart

Saw “The World’s Famous Tiger” documentary about Machli, she was majestic. She had 3 girls in her last litter. One of them did exactly to her as she had done to her mother. She had a wonderful life, still left me in tears though.

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