Nalla’s Ark

Nalla’s Ark

Nallas Ark Foundation actively strives to produce accessible, informative and insightful narratives about Indian wildlife to connect people from all walks of life with nature. Storytelling is the most effective medium of communication! Your donation will help to research, film and create conservation rich content, bringing to light indigenous species around India and making it accessible to a large audience across the globe. 

Who are we?

Subbiah Nallamuthu Subbiah Nallamuthu – An award winning Director – Producer – Cinematographer. Nalla has discovered the barrier between humans and wild animals as a wildlife videographer with 15 years of experience in the wild, and he identified the actual issue for conflict between wild animals and local villagers, which is people’s lack of awareness. He also wants to educate people by engaging them with his heartfelt, one-of-a-kind stories. That is why he founded the organization to cooperate with international filmmakers in order to inspire audiences with fresh ideas through different perspectives on filmmaking.

The Ark model

Nalla’s Ark’, is a constantly evolving platform focussed on the growth of the wildlife community in India, Nalla has been filming TIGERS for the past 15 years The platform will be used to spread education and awareness. It’ll showcase Nalla’s journey in documentary & wildlife filmmaking – stories, filmmaking techniques, study material etc for photographers looking to build a career in filmmaking. Also, content made by members of the community will be featured.

How are the donations used?

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