Subbiah Nallamuthu

Cinematographer, Producer & Director


Mobile: +91 98100 01716

Anvita Adeshra

Business Development


Mobile: +91 99102 04201

Subbiah Varun

Cinematographer / Creative Director


Mobile: +91 87008 33280

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    Who are we?

    Grey Films is your single window solution in India and Asia for wildlife, factual programming and feature films. Our renowned wildlife and documentary cinematographer, Nalla is a pioneer of HD in India. Be it cinematography, still photography, research, pre and post production support, crews, equipment rental or India archives, we ensure that your productions are made to international standards.

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    Ajith Pillar

    People like you are the true representatives of god and his creations, who are sent to remain us humans, that we are not the only species on this beautiful earth.

    Bethann Blotzer

    I like that they cremate them in India when they die so their fur isn't sold. Donna Montgomery she better watch out for those big game trophy hunters like the Palmer guy from the US…

    Laurie Naiden

    Saw this episode and enjoyed seeing the life of Machli. She lived a very fulfilling life. Was a great hunter, mother. She was truly the Queen of India.

    Jeanette Stewart

    Saw “The World’s Famous Tiger” documentary about Machli, she was majestic. She had 3 girls in her last litter. One of them did exactly to her as she had done to her mother. She had a wonderful life, still left me in tears though.

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