The company brings together a combined experience of talented Creatives and Technicians, across the spectrums of international and national production of both fiction and non fiction content across various platforms. Through experience, innovation and creativity, Our experience grows as it gives.... As we use our talents, resources and efforts to create an experience for the audience, we learn and expand our capabilities, flourishing with every learning experience.


Support for all your package

We provide support for your complete equipment package, so you can enjoy the convenience of a one-stop facility that maintains your entire equipment package: camera, lenses, monitoring, camera support,  and accessories.

As a member, you receive program services at pre-discounted rates and can choose the membership level that best meets the degree of support you require.



We offer several solutions to back up your camera originals and archive your finished materials to something safer than a spinning disk drive. We understand the difference between backing up and archiving and can organize a process for your company to do the same. Whether it’s LTO data tapes or cloud storage, we offer archiving systems that best fit your company’s workflow.


Digital Workflow Tools

We offer systems that allow for live ingest and storage that enables multiple editors to share a pool of footage, asset management software to keep track of your footage, and reliable archiving tools to protect your media. We offer shared storage solutions that best fit your workflow and budget.

Complete solutions in one unified media workflow, enabling you to work collaboratively, store, manage and archive your media on-premises or in the cloud.


Asset Management

Asset management software helps keep your digital files organized and searchable. Video, audio, stills, and effects files can all be tagged with project and artist data, location, rights licensing, descriptive logos, and other vital information that allows you to find, repurpose and sell your footage. Asset management systems can also automate processes such as proxy generation, review and approval, transcoding for the web, file transfer, and archiving.

Our Serivce Domains

Grey Films aims to open up to the global market by leading India's endeavor for growth in entertainment and services. Ours is a proven ability to offer international quality production processes and services to national and international broadcasters and production companies. Our team leverages its experience and capabilities to make this process possible and has a tangible track record in this domain


Film Production

Grey Films will work with you through all of the 5 phases of producing a film: development, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution. Each phase has a different purpose, with the overarching goal to get to the next one, and ultimately on to distribution.


Television Programming & Production

While the television set and the radio receiver are considered to be “hardware,” programming is the essential “software” that tempts people to use these devices. The primary function of the station or network is to provide programming content that will appeal to some segments of the audience. The ability of a station to reach its desired audience will determine its success. Its programming mission and strategy are critical to its viability. As such, programming is the most visible and most vital commodity of television. And ‘Grey films’ make sure to provide you with all the services and assistance you require.



Grey films(P) Ltd has jointly produced and worked with several world-renowned banners. And has co-produced ventures over two decades. And we look forward to new co-producing projects with merit all the time. For further details on the kind of work, Grey films have worked on, you may check the work section where all of the works produced and co-produced so far are mentioned.


Line Production

The grey films (P) Ltd acts as a key manager during the daily operations of a feature film, advertisement film, television film, or an episode of a TV program. As the Line producers, we also manage the budget of a motion picture and day-to-day physical aspects of the film production.


Location Scouting

Grey films production house provides their clients with one of the most important parts of a production. A location manager or a scout is assigned to search for interior or exterior venues to serve as the setting for scenes depicted in a script.


Technical Support

High-end equipment for rentals with assistance available alongside technical help. We make sure to finish your work with satisfying finesse and the standards our clients look up to.


Post Production & Allied Services

Grey films India (P) ltd takes full responsibility for pre to post-production services. We aim at delivering your work in time with international level finesse.


Media Management

In an increasingly file-based world, managing your “mega-terabytes of data” has more of a challenge. We are here to help keep your media safe.

Our Media Management team understands the complexity of data filing, naming, and archiving. They work closely with your Production Team and the Workflow Supervisors to ensure that your media is safe and managed appropriately for your project.

Our team of data assistants is on hand throughout day and night to ensure we meet your deadlines with care and efficiency:

  • Everything from quickly finding to rushing media for your edit to exporting view files for your commissioner.
  • We have over three ONLINE and contemporary offline suites. (Adobe Premiere) Each one comes equipped with the latest software: And our superfast, reliable hardware is linked to secure dedicated cloud storage servers, ensuring an efficient, uninterrupted edit.
  • Our DI has highly talented colorists and online editors whose creativity will give you a look that your production will demand. Alongside that,we are getting a new high-end grading system to facilitate the increasing UHD HDR grading demand.
  • Vision infrastructure enables HD, 2K, and 4K workflows and allows projects to move seamlessly along our offline and online network.Next, we have our dubbing theatres which are capable of meeting every production requirements, from webisodes to feature-length projects.
  • Our track lay suites are equipped with the highest specs machinery and a wide range of tools.The control surface is the latest Avid S3 workstation, combined with the latest recording software, which enables remote connection with source connect, and we run the Cueing software EdiPrompt.
  • We aim to get your finished product to the correct Broadcasters in a valid format, whether traditional broadcasters, online distribution, film festivals, or limited releases, we have you covered.As a company, we know that your projects depend on finding the right talent. We encourage creative collaboration and foster strong working relationships. Please call us for more details.

Stock footage

Grey films India private ltd has work experience over two decades, resulting in a unique archive of over 1,00,000 + Videos.


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