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There are no shortcuts in the world of documentaries. Each film results from months of research, travel and shooting under challenging conditions. Grey Films has successfully collaborated on films with diverse subjects from people & culture, science & medicine, and adventure, travel & history in non-fiction and docu-drama format.


Turning Silver into Gold

The documentary showcased the most successful disinvestment case studies and highlighted the role of private sector enterprises in breathing new life into sick industrial units
2009 - 2010

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Tarron ki Sair

Vigyan Prasar celebrates the International Year of Astronomy 2009 with a series of video programs for children - a means to create structures for collaboration, lasting self-sustaining activities and innovative concepts for the communication of astronomy.

Super Surgery

The grueling 27-hour surgery by 30 doctors on two-year-old Lakshmi Tatma who was born with one of the world's rarest physical abnormalities. Joined at the pelvis to her half-formed conjoined twin, she has four arms and four legs. As news of her operation spreads, Lakshmi becomes a global story and the world's media gather around the hospital hungry for news. The operation is an agonizing wait for her parents but the procedure is a complete success.

Soul Searching

Producer - director David Malone seeks to find answers - Why do we feel we have a Soul or a Self? If we have them, what are they? The documentary followed the Hindu cremation rituals from beginning to end and was shot extensively in the crematorium grounds in Manikaran and Northern Himalayan region of India.
2003 - 2004

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Soul Connection

India through the writings of Latin American Nobel laureates Octavio Paz, Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral (Chile), Cecilia Meireles (Brazil) and Victoria Ocampo (Argentina). The film traveled through the Latin American continent and the length and breadth of India, covering 25 destinations

Serving the World

There was a time when millions of listeners around the world, including India, took inspiration from radio and even today there are many in the remote corners of India who are still addicted to it…

Outsourcing: Death of a Distance

Can America afford to build up walls to protect American jobs? Or can America afford not to? As it divides America, India reins high on its outsourcing boom


In October 1994, the medieval scourge, Plague, broke out in the western state of Surat in India. This documentary recreated one of the most chaotic times in the lives of millions of people in the nation and in the history of Indian medical and administrative machinery.
Bio technology

Living Pulse

Technological innovations in science have always found way into medicine and revolutionized the way patients are treated around the world. Telemedicine is one such boon of the 21st century. This reality documentary followed Dr. Shetty as he transformed the life of 5 year old Madhu through Telemedicine.


David Malone explores the future of the stem cell industry - Who should be the beneficiaries of this new technology? What are the global consequences of dividing the world into "lives" and "live-nots"? Where does India fit in?

Human Face Transplant

Director Eains Colley follows doctors across the globe who are pioneering human face transplant… But are we ready for it? The film recreates an accident in which a young girl's face was pulled off in a running grass cutting machine, the trauma faced by the family and the doctors and the subsequent operation that became the world's first human face transplant.

Hammer and Flame

A vision into the ship breaking yards of Gujarat, where in an unending cycle, the greatest of manmade titans are taken apart piece by piece, using the simplest of tools.


accolades Star
Nominated for the Best Film at the Tirana International Short Film Festival, Albania, 2005
accolades Star
World Premier at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, North Carolina, 2006
accolades Star
India Premier at the Digital Film Festival, India, 2006
accolades Star
Special Screening at the 59th Cannes Film Festival, 2006
accolades Star
Won the Best Foreign Film Award at the Malescorto Film Festival, Italy, 2006
accolades Star
Won the Golden Apricot for Best Documentary at the Yerevan International Film Festival, Armenia, 2006
accolades Star
Nominated for the Bloomberg Best Newcomer Award at the Grierson Documentary Awards, UK, 2006
accolades Star
Nominated for the Best Short Film at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Missoula, 2006
accolades Star
Nominated for the Best Newcomer Award at the British Documentary Awards, UK, 2006
accolades Star
Nominated for the Best International Film at the 22nd International Short Film Festival, Berlin, 2006
accolades Star
Nominated for the Best Documentary at the 5th Hull International Short Film Festival, 2006
accolades Star
Screened at the 8th Göttingen International Film Festival, Germany, 2006

Felicity Kendal’s Indian Shakespeare Quest

In 'Indian Shakespeare Quest', Felicity Kendal discovers the story of India’s long love affair with Shakespeare – from the first days of Empire to Bollywood and beyond. Her investigation takes her from bustling cities to rural villages, places to prisons, and she discovers the surprising scale of Shakespeare's influence on Indian culture. The film is part of a special 5 part series that features in the Olympic Culture Olympiad 2012.
E waste


As the trade of electronics flows at an unprecedented rate across the globe, a quiet terror is being unleashed. This program brings to light the how and why of the growing menace of electronic waste being generated globally and the hazards it threatens communities the world over with.
rocket launch
1988 - 1990

Documentary Films & High Speed Cinematography

Film and video format programmes for rocket launches by ISRO in Sri Harikota. Specialized in high speed film photography and made documentaries on rural development for the DECU Unit of IRS
india call center

Brassed Off Britain

Director Feisal Ali explores the business called "BPO", its impact on the British economy and India's booming call center industry
the girl with eight limbs

Body Shock Special – The Girl With Eight Limbs

For a few weeks in 2007 she was a famous little girl in the world. This Body Shock Special tells the story of Lakshmi Tatma, the girl with eight limbs. Two-year-old Lakshmi was born with one of the world's rarest physical abnormalities. In her remote Indian village she is revered as a living god. With exclusive access, this film follows Lakshmi's family on an epic emotional journey from their rural home to a hospital in Bangalore where her parents must decide whether to proceed with potentially life-threatening surgery to remove her extra limbs.

Body Shock – The Girl With Two Faces

In early March 2008, a miracle occurred in remote, rural India. Against odds of 50 million to one, a baby, seemingly in perfect health, was born with not one but two faces. The news spread rapidly and on hearing about this extraordinary baby, just days after her birth, Body Shock began following the amazing journey of baby girl Lali.

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