Grey Films, November 8, 2021, 9:10 am

India’s foremost wildlife cameraman- director S.Nallamuthu has been filming tigers in Ranthambore for the past ten years.

The Ranthambore Lakeseen the changing tiger dynamics around the lakes – which I believe is one of the most prime pieces of tiger real estate of India. Years have passed by and led by the legendary queen Machali – the lakes have given us some wonderful tiger memories  Three generations of tigers have been born and flourished around this lake only to move on, leaving behind echoes of untold stories from their childhood. Stories of the bonds they shared before instinct tore them apart. Cinematographer Nalla has been following Ranthambore’s most famous tiger family – the Great Machli and her last litter for 7 years. He’s seen through his lens what passed
around the Lake.

Lake Memories replays the years past, telling unheard stories and showing unseen visuals of this most dramatic family in their childhood. Interweaving the life and times of Machli and her daughters T17, 18 and 19 and of their offspring Lake Memories explores the seemingly unbreakable bond of childhood broken by natural instinct. The film showcases ‘tiger instincts’ in the making and how social needs start to diminish giving way to a strong individualistic selfishness that’s crucial for survival. Intercutting the lives of Machli, the Lady of the Lake, her last litter of three females and their offspring the film relives unseen moments from the early days of the three sisters and the habits that were passed on from their mother to them and from them to their own cubs.

The film goes back into time; reliving the lives of these tigers around the Lake they called home, interwoven by anecdotes and memoirs from Nalla. The film will showcase patterns in tiger’s social behavior. Quirks and characteristics, both inbred and adopted that may miss the eye but has been caught on camera.Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Ranthambore Lake, ‘Lake Memories’ is Nalla’s memoir of 7 long years spent filming and living with a tiger family.

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