Grey Films, November 8, 2021, 9:12 am

India’s foremost wildlife cameraman- director S.Nallamuthu has been filming tigers in Ranthambore for the past ten years.

Older than the great Himalayan mountain chain, the Western Ghats of India are a geomorphic feature of immense global importance. This mountain chain is recognized as one of the world’s eight ‘hottest hotspots’ of biological diversity and these forests include some of the best representatives of non-equatorial tropical evergreen forests in the world. Running parallel to the continuous Western Ghats is the lesser known Eastern Ghats with its unique ecosystems, broken hill ranges, valleys, river gaps, coasts, plains and secretive animal species. We propose a series on the two unique Ghats that captures their immense importance. We will highlight its astonishing diversity of its flora and fauna; unique animals,interdependence of species, and how this intricate web supports and nurtures life.The Ghats is home to several wildlife species. We will documentary flagship species such as the tiger,elephant, leopard, Black Panther as well as other important species among mammals, birds, reptiles,amphibians, and insects. Every animal conquers challenges from its habitat, manages interactions with humans, and competes with other species — while chasing success as a predator … or avoiding demise as prey. We’ll capture stories of iconic creatures and the lush beauty of these old mountains and forests while

establishing the intricate link between species and their habitat.We hope to bring the viewers closer to our great ecological heritage through impactful stories using cutting edge technology and exquisite cinematography.

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