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Our Work

The quality of our footage can be seen in our very own wildlife productions. Grey Films has also provided archive support to international producers for series broadcast on National Geographic Channel and the BBC.


Tiger Dynasty

The film takes the viewers into the jungles of Sariska. With all its tigers exterminated, Sariska got a fresh lease of life with the scientific trans-location of a male and female tiger from Ranthambore National Park. Tiger Dynasty is the intimate story of the young tigress Baghani and the challenging journey she undertakes to reclaim lost tiger territory and begin a new dynasty.


Tiger Queen

In the heart of India, an extraordinary tiger dynasty is under threat. Machli, the great mother, has ruled Ranthambhore's Fort Territoty for over 10 years. But now her daughters want her domain, and so do outsiders. But taking this land won't be easy. And retaining it even harder. Who will be the new ruler of Ranthambhore?


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